Forbes Global CEO Conference

Now in its 15th year, the prestigious Forbes Global CEO Conference will be held in Manila, Philippines from October 12 – 14, 2015. This annual event is attended by some 400 global CEOs, tycoons, entrepreneurs, up-and-comers, capitalists and thought leaders.

Toward a Winning Vision

We live in an age of abundant opportunities. People can now create, discover, and improve the quality of their lives like never before. Yet the world economy faces unprecedented risks. Divergent economic growth rates, uncoordinated monetary policies, volatile energy and financial markets and technological disruptions can cause uncertainty in the marketplace. Geopolitical threats, health crises and social inequality are also among the global concerns of our time. How can CEOs manage these and other challenges, and invest their resources in productive ways? Increasingly, great companies recognize the importance of having a clear vision to drive their businesses, one that is based on core competencies, values and purpose. While CEOs must adapt constantly to a rapidly changing world, having a solid vision enables them to execute with clarity and resolve. This year’s Forbes Global CEO Conference will focus on the theme of visionary leadership – how leaders at the helm of great companies conceive and articulate vivid visions that capture the imagination of their teams, inspire confidence among investors, and win the hearts and minds of consumers.


Delegate attendance at the Forbes Global CEO Conference is by invitation only, limited to qualified titles (usually Chairman, Vice Chairman, CEO and President from global headquarters) and is at the discretion of Forbes. The conference participation fee of US$8,000 includes the costs of all conference sessions, social events organized as part of the conference agenda and conference documentation. Fee does not include travel and accommodation costs.

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