Naazneen Karmali


Naazneen Karmali

India Editor,
Forbes Asia, India

Naazneen Karmali is India Editor of Forbes Asia and Mumbai Bureau Manager, Forbes, based in Mumbai, India’s financial capital. A graduate of accountancy and management, Naazneen is a veteran business journalist who has been writing and reporting on India’s entrepreneurs since 1981. She began her career as a reporter at Business India, the country’s pioneering business magazine and rose through the ranks to become managing editor.

Eighteen years ago she started her association with Forbes, tracking the wealth of India’s richest, a group that went on at one point to become, cumulatively, Asia’s wealthiest of the wealthy. Currently, her responsibilities extend to parts of Southeast Asia as well.

Naazneen is also a founding director of the Satyagyan Foundation, a non-profit that is committed to an integrated approach to education, livelihoods and community development for the underprivileged. Satyagyan focuses its work in the poor communities of Uttar Pradesh, India’s most populous and impoverished state.

Naazneen is a member of the Sustainability Advisory Council of Deutsche Post-DHL. She’s also been a Fellow of the Asia Society, New York. She has co-authored The Hit Parade, which profiles India’s business tycoons.

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