Vishal Sikka


Vishal Sikka

CEO and Managing Director,
Infosys, USA

Dr. Vishal Sikka is a whole-time director of the Board, and Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director of Infosys.

He is featured among the top 50 CEOs in Glassdoor’s annual Employees’ Choice Awards for the Highest Rated CEOs in 2015.

Prior to joining Infosys, Dr. Sikka was a member of the Executive Board of SAP AG, leading all products and technologies, and driving innovation globally. In his 12 years at SAP, Dr. Sikka was instrumental in defining the company’s technology and product strategy and architecture. He is credited with creating the breakthrough in-memory data platform, SAP HANA. He accelerated SAP’s development processes, bringing about a deep focus on design and user experience, transforming the company’s innovation culture, expanding engagement with startups and venture investing, and leading product incubation and co-creation with customers. He is also the creator of the concept of ‘timeless software’, which articulates the principles for the renewal of products without disruption to customer environments. He is especially known for his championship of technology as an amplifier of human potential, and his passion for applying software in purposeful ways to address some of the biggest global challenges.

His experience includes research in artificial intelligence, intelligent systems, programming languages and models, and information management – at Stanford University, at Xerox Palo Alto Labs, and as founder of two startup companies.

Dr. Sikka received his BS in Computer Science from Syracuse University. He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Stanford University, USA.

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